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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Police: Criminals Steal Computers From High School

Investigators Looking Into Whether Crime Is Connected To Recent Smash-And-Grab Break-Ins

POSTED: 11:06 am EST November 29, 2010
UPDATED: 1:20 pm EST November 29, 2010
One man is under arrest, accused in a break-in in southeast Atlanta. Police are searching for as many as four other men.
The men broke into Maynard Jackson High School on Glenwood Avenue around 3 a.m. Monday, police said. Officers heard an alarm and responded, police said. When they arrived, the men ran, police said. Officers caught one man, another jumped into a black SUV and sped off, as many as three others ran into some nearby woods, police said.
The men stole seven computers, police said. Officers recovered four computers, police said.
Parents like Hillary Hendricks were disgusted to hear that criminals are targeting schools.
“It’s bad. Things have gotten so bad they break into a school and steal from a school,” Hendricks said.
“It’s really sad. Nowadays it’s difficult getting money for the school, and it’s unfortunate that somebody would do something like that,” said Paula Crichlow, another parent.
Police are looking into whether this crime is connected to other smash and grabs break-ins around metro Atlanta. Investigators said that these days the criminals are branching out, targeting more than just stores. “They’re targeting public schools because they know they’re gonna have high-value computers, electronics and TVs and whatnot — that makes an easy target,” said Bryan French, an officer with the Atlanta Police Department.
Police arrested a 26-year-old man, investigators said. They have not released his name.
Police said that the crime was caught on surveillance video. CBS Atlanta is working to obtain it.

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