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Friday, November 26, 2010


Laptop with state employee data stolen

 Maryland Department of General Services police are investigating the thefts of two laptop computers — one containing personal information of 1,367 state employees — that were stolen from the state office complex in Baltimore, officials said Friday.
The computers were reported stolen from a secured state office at 300 W. Preston St. on Nov. 12, officials said.

One computer contained names and Social Security numbers of employees assigned to the Maryland Department of the Environment from January 2000 to October 2006, officials said. 
There is no evidence at this time that the personal data has been retrieved or misused, but the Department of Information Technology is trying to notify the employees by mail or e-mail. Officials suggest those employees consider activating a fraud-alert system on their credit reports, officials said.

The computers are equipped with a security feature that begins to delete data on the stolen computer when it’s hooked up to the Internet, and assists police in tracking and recovering the equipment, officials said.

Officials created a  Web site for those who think their information might have been on the stolen computer. State employees also can contact the Department of Information Technology at 410-260-7778 or for more information.

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