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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Vandals smash up interior of city pet store, urinate on the floor and steal computers

THIEVES have broken into a Lincoln pet shop and smashed the interior before urinating on the floor.
The criminals struck at Pets Corner in Moorland Way, Lincoln, causing damage running into thousands of pounds.
The shop was forced to cease trading until the afternoon as the vandals wrecked the till and computer system.
They also signed the name "Rhodes" on doors and surfaces throughout the building.
Spike's World, a wild animal food wholesalers in the same building, was also targeted. The vandals trashed offices and threw an air conditioning unit through a window.
They also stole an Acer computer worth about £800, a laptop worth about £400 and cash from a charity box in the staff room.
Pets Corner manager Jayne Thompson, 50, of Lincoln, discovered the damage when she opened the store at about 8am yesterday.
She said: "It made me feel sick when I came in. I was in shock.
"I don't understand why someone would do it. To just wreck the place is senseless and ridiculous.
"Now we're a bit concerned that they're going to come back. It's 6pm when we leave work and it gets dark. It can be quite eerie out there."
Regional manager Emma Sturman said: "I have no idea why this might have happened. I'd never seen a break-in as bad as this. When the staff arrived in the morning, they were quite shaken.
"There must have been more than two of them to have caused all this damage. Now I'm worried about my staff when they leave at night."
Marion Horscroft, managing director of Spike's World, said: "It's such a mindless act of vandalism.
"To trash the place was absolutely pointless and they've gained nothing. It's a massive disruption to our business for such little gain.
"Whoever did it was just being malicious. But it'll take more than this to keep us down. As far as we're concerned, it's business as normal."
Police are now appealing for any witnesses to help with investigations.
Lincolnshire Police spokesman James Newall said: "It was a nasty attack that left a significant amount of damage.
"It is vital we talk to anyone who might have been in the area and seen any suspicious activity."
Anyone with information about the incident should call Lincolnshire Police on 0300 1110300, quoting incident number 71 of November 24.

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