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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


November 30, 2010

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by David Ritchie

Many types of PC related anti-theft devices in the market. These are hardware devices that can be bought at Pc related equipment stores, meant to protect your computer from actual physical theft. Some of these anti-theft devices come in several forms and functions.

You’ll find the following three types of computer anti-theft devices in the market:

Lockdown devices such as locks, cables and cabinets
Anti-theft alert systems that blast a loud siren when a computer is stolen.
Tracking systems that help locate a missing computer.

Physical Lockdown Anti-theft Devices

Physical lockdown devices comprise chains, cables, bars, boxes, locks, cabinets and similar devices that prevent a thief from moving a computer from its location. These devices are usually successful at stopping a thief from executing his intentions. These devices work only with the casual thief. There’s another form of thief, the one who is premeditated. Such a thief will come prepared with screwdrivers, cutting pliers, grinding tools or cutters to remove restraining devices.

Sometimes an employee does the stealing, having had enough time to evaluate different ways to work around the lockdown devices.

Anti-theft Devices To Prevent Theft Of Data

Removing a computer totally is the work of a thief who wants to make money by selling the computer’s parts. However, there are people who are interested in removing information, which at times is more valuable. Therefore, computer anti theft devices are designed to restrict access to a component such as a USB port or a CD writer drive. For a USB drive, a USB lock can be inserted which effectively prevents the inserting of a USB device into it.

Anti-theft Devices That Trigger An Alert

When a computer is breached, specially designed Pc related anti theft devices create an alert. The alert can be a loud alarm similar to that of a siren. The loud noise detracts the thief from the planned theft. This is probably the most effective anti-theft device for a computer. The only issue is that it takes a few minutes for the police to arrive at the scene, by which time even if the alert goes off, a thief will have enough time to make way with at least 1 or 2 computers.

Asset Tracking Anti-theft Devices

Hardware or a software component is inserted into a computer when it is manufactured. This Pc related component is activated every time the computer is in use. Once it’s on, it connects immediately to the internet, posting its exact location and status.

When such a computer is stolen, the owner can monitor its location through the website of the tracker. It’s possible to point out the exact pinpoint location of the computer so that the authorities can get hold of the thief and the asset.

PC related asset-tracking devices may help get the computer back, but data theft cannot be prevented. That is a very sensitive issue with banks and large corporate who store a great deal of sensitive data in their computers.

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Written by David Ritchie

I'm a software developer, currently freelancing, with over 2 years of professional development in data recovery. From time to time I write articles for ZeoBIT LLC (professional software development for Windows and Mac OS platforms). I have two wonderful kids that drive me nuts.

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