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Thursday, December 09, 2010


UPDATE: Rowland School burglarized

Reported by: Ewa Roman

On Thursday Harrisburg police caught two robbers red handed as they tried to steal new computers from a local school.
Ewa Roman went to the Rowland School in Harrisburg to get the story. And as she found out the assistant principal of people have much to be thankful for.
The assistant principal says she is thankful to a neighbor who called police, in addition to the K-9's who tracked the burglars down. She says a K-9 actually bit one of the suspects.
You could say he was taking a bite out of crime.
A side glass door tells part of the story of what happened overnight at Rowland. Police say someone called them saying they saw 2 men breaking in.
The assistant principal Donna Cheatham says they wanted to steal new computers. She once again reiterated her thanks, " thanks to a good neighbor, someone foiled the crime."
When cops arrived at the scene, the pair of bandits took off running but were caught. Cheatham says if they would've been successful this would've hurt the school district, especially with Harrisburg in financial crisis.
" We don't have money to replace what someone decides to take from our children," Cheatham said. Thankfully they won't have to.
Police nabbed the two men, one was 22 year old Cory Williams, he was arrested and charged as was the 15 year old boy he was with.
Police say Williams was wanted for outstanding arrest warrants for burglary and theft. It wasn't only the assistant principal that was thankful, teachers were glad too. But they're still upset because they say the burglars were really stealing from the kids.
However, this wasn't the first time this has happened. The assistant principal says that about a month ago, someone broke in and stole laptops. Police are still investigating to see if the same people were responsible for that crime.
See original posting below:

Police have arrested two men suspected of burglarizing the Rowland School in Harrisburg.

In the early morning on Thursday, a resident called police and told them he saw two people breaking into the Rowland School in the 1800 block of Derry Street.  When officers arrived, they found a glass door broken.  That's when two men took off, running from the building toward Berryhill Street.

Officers chased them with police dogs.  The suspects ran behind a house and police said one dropped a duffel bag.  One suspect surrendered while another reportedly resisted and was taken to the ground by a K-9.

Officers arrested a 15-year-old from the 1000 block of Christian Street and 22-year-old Cory Williams, of the 1400 block of Derry Street.  They said Williams gave a fake name and had to be identified through fingerprints matched to outstanding warrants for burglary and theft.  He is in the Dauphin County Prison in lieu of bail and the juvenile, already on probation for theft, was placed in a detention facility.

Police said the duffel bag had a smaller duffel bag inside of it, as well as a hammer, grinder and duct tape.

For the full police report and list of charges, check out the Harrisburg City Police log for Dec. 9, in the new Crime Reportsection.

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