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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dorm security breach worries UC police

University of Cincinnati police are concerned about a security breach that allowed a man to enter a dormitory, get into a sleeping student’s room and steal her laptop computer.
The student says she awoke in her Daniels Hall dorm room about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday to find a strange man inside. The student said in court documents that the intruder left and she realized her $900 laptop computer was missing.
She called police and followed him, eventually spotting him near the corner of Daniels and Jefferson streets.

Another student helped follow the suspect, who was arrested by police. Corey Moss, 18, who is described in court records as homeless, faces one count of burglary.

UC police are troubled the suspect was able to get into the dorm, which is normally secured with front doors that lock. Students use keys or security cards to enter the building.

Early Tuesday, however, students left a side or back door propped open for an unknown reason, possibly for convenience, said Capt. Karen Patterson.

“I guess they do it all the time. I am not really sure,” she said.

Campus police plan to address the security breach with dorm staff. Propped-open doors put the entire dorm at risk, Patterson noted.

“Obviously, it’s to the student’s benefit to keep everything locked up,” she said. “But the problem comes with the issue of safety versus convenience. We try to stress to them that safety should take first precedence, but if they prop it open because it’s convenient to get in, that basically takes out all the things we put in place to keep the residence halls secure.”

Once the intruder got into the dorm, he was able to slip into the victim’s room because that door also was unlocked, Patterson added.

“It’s sad,” she said. “A lot of times students have the tendency to treat a residence hall room as a bedroom. We try to stress to (students) that their residence hall rooms are like their homes. Even when you are home, lock your door. When you leave, lock your door. It’s all an education. It’s hard for us because every year we get a new group of people in and we have to retrain them on how to be safe on campus."

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