Intel launches Core vPro processors -
Intel has announced its 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processors, which it says will do great things for technologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation.
It has set the vPro i5 processor a high bar, claiming that it can speed up business applications by 60 percent, multitasking by 100 percent and data encryption 300 percent.

There is also Anti-Theft Technology Ver. 3.0, which helps protect data on missing PCs.
This works by sending what Intel calls a coded “poison pill” over the internet to completely disable a lost or stolen computer and help prevent access to its encrypted data and deter theft. The new version however goes one step further, allowing this "pill" to be sent as an encrypted, authenticated SMS message by an authorised administrator over a 3G network. Intel talks up pills, not tablets.
Intel's locator feature, Beacon, also allows people to pinpoint a missing laptop using GPS technology on select 3G modems.
There's also a new Identity Protection Technology, which helps protect against identity theft.
Those worried about phishing also have it sorted, according to Intel, which says its Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT), stops these kind of attacks by supplementing  normal password methods with a new six-digit numerical password every 30 seconds.
Intel claims that the likes of DellFujitsuHP and Lenovo, have all signed up to use the processors in their upcoming computer ranges. 

The processors will arrive on the scene with a new microarchitecture, enhanced Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and new Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). Combined these help boost speeds and encryption. It's all rather enterprise-y.  

 *EyeSee Yes, we called it already