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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Number 898 • Friday, January 13, 2012

Computer Server Stolen from Nevis Primary School
By Monique Washington
Computer lab
Computer classes at the St Thomas’ Primary School have been indefinitely suspended since the school’s computer server was stolen earlier this week.
When staff and students returned to school on Monday (Jan 9) after the December Christmas break, computer teacher Aisha Brown noticed the server was missing from the computer lab. The server was located inside a room in the computer lab and all 20 of the lab’s computers had been connected to the main server.
Principal of the school Norlene Smithen said there was no sign of forced entry and they are not sure how the thieves got in. Since the computer server was secured when the school closed for vacation, it was assumed that the equipment was taken at some point during the holiday break.
In an interview with The Observer Smithen said that during the Christmas vacation she visited the school and the computer lab on a number of occasions and never noticed anything suspicious. She said that not having the server is preventing the students from learning about computer technology.
“Every class at this school uses the computer lab, from kindergarten to grade six. Not having the server keeps us back,” she said.
Principal Smithen said that they are trying to get a replacement server in the meanwhile so that the students could continue their computer classes. She urged the person(s) who took the server to return it.
“It makes no sense for them to keep it because they can’t use it. They can bring it back during the time no one is here and just leave it a safe place on the school premises. We need it so that the students can continue in their computer classes,” she said.
Brown said that the server would be of no use to the person or persons who stole it, if they plan to use it at home, because it would not work.
“It is not a regular computer and it has a lock code on it,” she said.
As at press time the server had not been returned and police are still investigating the matter.

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