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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Stolen laptop can cost you $49,000

A laptop is stolen about every 53 seconds, and the average cost of the loss totals $49,000, according to Kensington Computer Products Group. Replacing the devices amounts to just 3 percent of that cost, while myriad data loss-related expenses amount to 80 percent, the company claimed in a recent blog post.
The Kensington post illustrates recent trends in device loss and theft via an infographic. One-tenth of all laptops are stolen or lost over the course of their life. More than half of all stolen laptops are taken from the workplace, while approximately one-fourth are stolen at conferences.  The education, research, health and pharmaceutical sectors are most affected.
Smartphones, in contrast, mostly go missing outside of the workplace, Kensington found. Only 7 percent of them are ever recovered, and most don't have mobile security features activated.
Kensington recommends five best practices to protect mobile devices and the data they carry:
  • Implement a mobile security policy
  • Invest in physical security
  • Never leave devices logged into networks, email or websites
  • Encrypt all data and secure networks
  • Authenticate users and always know who has access
For more:
- see the Kensington infographic

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