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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lawyer Yada Williams in theft scandal

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Barrister Yada Williamsc (in photo) was today beckoned to the bar to give a statement about his missing laptops and desk top computers which he claimed have been stolen by his domestic staff back at his home at No 67 Regent Road, Hill Station.  It is alleged that four computers were stolen in all from his home without any break in.

The first accused Abdulai Bangura who was employed as a chef by Mr. Williams was also present at the hearing.

According to barrister Williams, on his appointment as Chef, Mr. Bangura was given strict instructions on his duties and was told by no means was he allowed to give access to anyone who wished to enter the house, without the consent of him or his wife Mrs. Sonia Umu Williams.  On the 14 of February this year, a HP laptop valued at Le 3million was stolen from his house together with a desk top computer.  Mr. Williams claimed to have left his laptop at his study before he left for work and later received a phone call from his wife informing him that there had been a break in and that their computers had been stolen.  On his arrival home, Mr. Bangura who came moments after his arrival, was asked about the missing computers and replied that he was unaware of any such incident.

According to Mr. Bangura’s statement, it is known that on the day of the theft, there was a visit made by a fridge technician (Mustapha) and an apparent NPA technician who had accompanied him to the house.  The technician was unable to perform any repairs for unknown reasons.

The second computer theft was allegedly linked with another staff of Mr. Williams by the name of Benjamin Williams, a security guard.  The theft of the other two computers had occurred during Mr. Williams’s journey to the UK.

From the statement given by the accused Benjamin Williams, he claims that he only realized about the theft when he was notified by the cleaner who had access to the house three times a week.

From investigations by the forensics, the accused fingerprints could be traced all around the house and on a knife found lying on the corridor floor.

The hearing could not progress any further as the cleaner who had access to the house was unavailable at the hearing.

Both accused have been refused bail and the hearing has been adjourned till 20th March this year.

By Suliman Bah

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