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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Theft in Ministry of External Affairs

Last Updated: Monday, March 19, 2012, 12:26
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New Delhi: Thieves have struck the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) adjoining Prime Minister's Office in the high security South Block here, decamping with the laptop and pen drive of a senior official besides attempting to break into two rooms.

The incident comes two months after theft of a hard disk of a computer was reported from the Home Ministry in North Block. In November last year, a computer was stolen from the same room in the Home Ministry.

The fresh theft and break-in attempts came to light last Saturday when MEA reported to police that Deputy Secretary Amit Narang's laptop and pen drive were found missing from his room 235-I, police said today.

In the complaint, the MEA also said that another official Shipra Ghosh, also a Deputy Secretary, reported that break-in attempts were made in room number 235-G and 235-H, which were adjacent to his office.

The South Block and North Block has round-the-clock CISF security and access to any of the offices in the building is controlled.

A case of theft has been registered and investigators are in the process of examining CCTV footage. Investigators said they suspect the role of an insider in the theft.

In January this year, an Assistant in the Home Ministry's Hindi Department Ishwar Mahto had complained to police that unidentified men had stolen the hard disk of his office computer, two months after the very same machine's monitor was stolen

Following the theft, it was made mandatory for security personnel manning the Home Ministry to check the baggage going out of the building. Earlier, only the baggages being taken inside were checked through X-Ray baggage machines.


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