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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thieves target two West Island churches, local homes

Updated: Tue Mar. 27 2012 4:28:50 PM
BEACONSFIELD — Police in the West Island are investigating after thousands of dollars of electronics and goods were stolen from two churches and other locations in the area.
Beaconsfield United Church and Briarwood Presbyterian Church were broken into in recent days.
Thieves smashed windows at the rear of Beaconsfield United on Woodside Rd. in Beaconsfield, and climbed into the basement, a space used by a local preschool.
"In doing so, they tossed all of the books onto the floor," said Cindy Casey a program coordinator at the church.
Rain ruined most of the books. Thieves also stole a computer from the preschool and ransacked a neighbourhood office, stealing two most computers, one used for teaching life skills to intellectually handicapped adults.
"To me, the best way to describe what has happened is simply shameful. They have really not attacked the church; they have attacked many vulnerable individuals who are in our space," she said.
Reeling from the burglary, the congregation has had to spend almost $1,500 changing the locks, and have had to claim $7,000 in stolen goods.
Meantime, the Brianrwood Presbyterian on Beaconsfield Blvd. was also broken into. It follows a rash of recent break-ins in the West Island in the past few months, said police.
"It's often the same M.O., the modus operandi. The way the perpetrators do their break-ins, we're not 100 per cent sure, but we think it could be the same individuals," said Roberto del Papa, community relations officer for the West Island.
Break-ins have spiked to about three or four per week, said del Papa, and in approximately half of cases, alarm systems were deactivated by the robbers.
"They cut the telephone wire that is hooked up to the alarm system, so basically it just kills the alarm," he explained.
Police suggest those with alarm systems call their alarm company to ensure it doesn't rely on external phone wires.

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