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Monday, March 26, 2012


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Second suspect in Woods Cross computer store robbery arrested

Posted on: 5:07 pm, March 22, 2012, by Brittany Green-Miner and Scott McKaneupdated on: 08:50pm, March 22, 2012
TOOELE, Utah — The second suspect in a smash-and-grab robbery of a Woods Cross computer store has been arrested and police say FOX 13 viewers helped solve the crime.
FOX 13 first broke the story two weeks ago about a robbery at Starwest Computers on Redwood Road in Woods Cross. Police say two thieves stole nearly $7,000 in laptops and monitors from the store before taking off in a dark-colored Audi.
Security cameras caught the two suspects on tape and the first, Jeremy Blair, was identified by his father on the news the next morning and turned himself in.
“When dad saw his son on the news, he spoke with his son and basically coerced him surrender to authorities,” said Det. Adam Osoro, Woods Cross Police Dept.
Blair wouldn’t identify the second suspect or say anything about the crime and police spent two weeks tracking that suspect down.
Last weekend, police responding to reports of a business robbery in Tooele tracked down a dark-colored Audi and attempted to pull it over. The driver sped off and officers weren’t able to catch him. Police later found the car abandoned and learned it belonged to Brandon Medell.
Investigators pursued leads provided by FOX 13 tipsters and Medell’s name came up several times. Police then turned to Facebook to connect the two suspects.
“We used social media to connect both of our suspects and that was important to get a warrant and obtain some of the property involved,” said Osoro.
That dark-colored Audi proved to be a big break in the case. Inside the vehicle, police found suspected burglary tools and possibly more stolen property.
Both Medell and Blair remain in the Davis County Jail facing multiple charges.

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