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Sunday, December 09, 2012


Callous thief arrested after stealing computers from special-needs classroom

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Hayward school theft suspect
Hayward school theft suspect
HAYWARD, Calif. — 
A bold thief who targeted a school in Hayward by stealing computers from a classroom for special education students three times in less than 24 hours was behind bars Monday night, according to authorities.
Eldridge Elementary School in Hayward was reeling from the thefts, but the arrest of the suspected burglar has led to the recovery of some of the stolen items.
Spotting a literal window of opportunity the thief stole into room 502 at Eldridge Elementary three different times Sunday and early Monday morning, police said.
The crook entered through an unsecured window and made off with computers and other electronics, including four recently donated tablets.
"Everything we do is for our kids, so when someone does something or takes something away from the kids, it hurts us," said Eldridge Elementary School Principal Michelle Perez.
The fact that the computers in the room were designed specifically for the special needs students that use the classroom made the crime that much more heartbreaking, the principal said.
"Some of them have special programs on there for our visually impaired students so that they are able to get on the computer and do some of their work," explained Perez.
While the burglar was successful, his luck eventually ran out. Planted just above the window screen he removed was a surveillance camera.
Monday afternoon, police said they tracked down the man in the footage, 44-year-old Hayward resident John Rodi, to a house less than a mile away from the school.
"Oh that's great," said Eldridge parent Cristian Alvarenga after hearing news of the arrest.
Even better, parents said that police recovered some of the stolen items including two computers and a keyboard.
"Times are hard right now and the school a lot of funding is being cut off, said Alvarenga. These are essential tools that our kids need."
Police told KTVU Rodi was on probation for burglary and also had a warrant out for his arrest for another burglary. Monday night, he faced new charges.

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