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Monday, December 10, 2012


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Computers and TV Stolen From a Local Church

ayden church break-in
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AYDEN, N.C. - A small church here in the East is in disbelief tonight after someone broke into their church over the weekend.
It happened at the Straightway Holiness Church in Ayden on Saturday afternoon.
When Rose Daniels, the pastor’s wife, came to check on the church and when she entered she noticed some items where missing.
The missing items were a flat screen TV, blue ray player, and three computers. She also noticed the window to the pastor's office had been shattered with a brick.
The items stolen were all part of the churches dare to be different after school program
"Everything that they told just about belonged to the children. So it was shocking and hurt. It hurts more than anything because it is the children that it was done to," said Daniels.
Daniels says the church was planning a big movie event and despite the set back they will be holding the event in this coming Friday. She also says luckily none of their donations for Hurricane Sandy victims were stolen.
She says Ayden police did take someone in for questioning early Sunday morning.

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