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Monday, August 12, 2013


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Calif. thieves return stolen computers with apology note

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (CBS/KCBS) - Some burglars have a change of heart after targeting a southern California charity. Thieves swiped computers from the 'Sexual Assault Services Center' in San Bernadino, but hours later the items were returned with a letter of apology.
In a sophisticated heist, San Bernardino police say burglars broke into an outside utility closet and entered five offices through the ceiling. Executive director Candy Stallings says, "They had clipped a lot of phone wires hoping to get rid of the alarm system."
In a matter of minutes, police say thieves stole six computers with hard drives, a laptop and a bag of valuables from the San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services Center, a non-profit where abused women, employed and homeless, can get help.
But Wednesday night at 10:30 it was Stallings who needed help when her alarm company called her. She says, "The alarm company told me there was lots of motion going on in this room and throughout the three suites."
By the time she and police arrived, the thieves were gone. Stallings says, "The doors we thought were secure were opened. "
Their likely targets were social security numbers, any kind of credit cart info that might be stored.
Stallings says she watched as police questioned several transients whom she feeds and allows to sleep in front of her center. Stallings says, "They said if I know who did this, we'll let you know."
Two hours later she got the second call. An officer told her he saw suspicious activity at the same address. The thieves, she said, returned everything.
Then one officer opened up the laptop and she says, "He's like I've never seen anything like it in my twenty years. I mean we just got chills."
A note was tucked inside. "It says we had no idea what were people's lives. God bless," Stallings said. "I think they knew what they were doing. I just don't think they knew who they were doing it to."

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