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Friday, August 09, 2013


Logos loses laptops in burglary

Computer monitor, microscope also taken in weekend break-in

Mark Freeman
Twenty-three laptop computers and other items were stolen during a weekend burglary at a Medford charter school and police want the public to be wary of anyone offering cheap deals on computers.
The laptops, as well as a computer monitor and a microscope, were discovered missing about 9 a.m. Monday from the Logos Charter School in the 400 block of Earhart Street, according to the Medford Police Department.
An unknown burglar or burglars apparently broke a window to enter the school, making off with $14,000 worth of equipment, police said.
"School officials were last on scene at 4 p.m. Saturday and everything was fine, so it happened sometime between then and 9 a.m. (Monday)," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau says.
The stolen items were all in a single room at the school and were part of a cache that the school rents to students who want to study online but don't have computers of their own, said the school's Cassie Zimmer.
The laptops were Asus, Acer and Toshiba brands, Budreau says.
"Obviously, no one needs 23 laptops," Budreau says. "Most likely the suspect will try to off-load them by selling them, trading them or putting them up on Craigslist. So the public should be wary of someone offering a super-good deal on a laptop."
Anyone with information on the case or the laptops is asked to telephone Medford police Detective Tony Young at 541-774-2230.
First opened in 2010 as a way to offer resources to homeschool students in the region, Logos has drawn in hundreds of students from Medford and beyond to its programs.
Students typically meet with a teacher once a week to make sure they are on track with their homeschool assignments, and most supplement their home learning with a few on-campus classes.
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