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Friday, August 09, 2013


Several computers stolen at school

The chairperson of the SGB, Mr Tshimangadzo Kutama, looks at the broken security door.


01 August 2013




Thugs broke into Khogonyane Primary School and stole computers last Thursday.

After shutting down the school for three months, while demanding proper classrooms, the schools resumed their classes on 15 July. This came after the Department of Education had delivered 10 mobile classes. The academic programme was disrupted because the pupils had also abandoned writing their mid-year examinations.

Within ten days after the school had resumed classes, thieves stole the computers.

The chairperson of the school governing body, Mr Tshimnagdzo Kutama, said the school belonged to the community and they must respect their property because vandalizing and stealing at the school would hinder progress in the Kutama area. “We need our children to enjoy education in good classroom conditions,” Kutama added.

Apart from the computers, the thieves also stole other electrical appliances.

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