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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Computer stolen from Meghalaya SecretariatCorrespondent
 SHILLONG, Oct 29 – In a security breach at the State Secretariat, a theft case was reported from the office of the Parliamentary Secretary in-charge Community and Rural Development Rophul Marak, where a computer was found missing here this morning.

According to an FIR filed by the Personal Secretary with the Sadar Police Station, the computer was found missing this morning from the office at the Additional Secretariat.

Taken aback by the incident, Minister in-charge Secretariat Administration Department, Deborah Marak ordered an inquiry into the incident. “We have ordered an inquiry to find out how such a thing could happen in a high security area,” she said. Moreover, asecurity review meeting of the department has been called tomorrow morning. The meeting would review the security and also put in additional measures so that such incident doesn’t recur in the future.

“Every morning there would be police presence inside the Secretariat to check the rooms so that nobody can enter without authorization,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, during preliminary investigation and interrogation of the staff, the police have said that the theft could be an “inside job”. The CCTV cameras, which were scrutinized, showed no unauthorised person entering inside the Secretariat in the morning.

“Most probably it is an inside job and the items which were taken out must be hidden inside the Secretariat as the CCTV showed nobody taking out the items,” a police officer said.

The theft case has come at a time when the Secretariat security has been beefed up to an unprecedented high. There have been private security guards manning the entry-exit points and also CCTV cameras mounted in various locations. Moreover, there has beenAccess Control System placed which allows only authorized people to enter with pass.

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