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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Donations to Sophia Academy already eclipse amount stolen in weekend break-in

Sophia Academy Head of School Gigi DiBello shows now cleaned up areas where graphic computers had been in use. The Providence school was ransacked and robbed of laptops, Kindle Fires, and Christmas gifts. School was canceled Monday.
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PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- On Monday morning, the young girls at Sophia Academy learned about loss and resilience.
Tuesday morning, the head of school was able to tell them about the difference a day makes.
After publicity about the weekend break-in at the middle school for low-income girls, Sophia Academy has been overwhelmed with generosity. By midday Tuesday, the amount of donations had already surpassed the amount that had been stolen, said Gigi DiBello, head of school.
"It felt like so many people were standing with us in solidarity and support," said DiBello.
The scene at the small school on 979 Branch Ave. was different just 24 hours earlier. Thieves had stolen computers and equipment valued at around $50,000. They ripped apart classrooms and offices for valuables, smashing a safe, stealing Christmas gifts donated to the 61 students, even taking $60 from a bake sale.
Hasbro toy company and Brown University stepped forward quickly this week, each donating $25,000. Bank Rhode Island made a $5,000 charitable grant to help the school replace its lost equipment.
"The moment we heard about what happened at Sophia Academy, we knew we needed to do something to help the school and its students," Mark J. Meiklejohn, president and CEO of BankRI, said in a statement Tuesday.
Others have also come forward with donations -- enough that Sophia Academy's leaders were talking about replacing the equipment soon and increasing security at the building.

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