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Monday, December 30, 2013


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Non-profit says thieves stole gifts, computers

Organizers look for answers
BASTROP (KXAN) - Members of a non-profit in Bastrop want to know who stole from them and the families they were trying to help.
The leadership of All About Families says thieves took toys and computers from the office and left the place a mess Saturday morning.
Billy and Tiffany Roberts started the organization after the Bastrop Complex Wildfires of 2011.
"If somebody needs something we go and find it for them," said Billy Roberts.
When Billy Roberts went out to their Bastrop office this weekend he knew something was wrong.
He walked inside, saw that there were sheets over the windows, and then he called police.
"There were a lot of toys that were taken. There were some that were already pre-wrapped and in bags," Roberts said. "I noticed when I came through earlier that there were more laptops missing than I had originally thought."
"I've been worried now that our house is next," said Tiffany Roberts. "Maybe they got our personal information from mail or something up here... or we're just going to be next because we're in the vicinity."
Roberts says client information was stored off site, so that information was not compromised.

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