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Thursday, April 24, 2014


80 computers worth Dh280,000 stolen

From a company’s store in Jebel Ali Port

Helped by accomplices, two jobless Uzbeks allegedly broke into a company’s store in Jebel Ali Port and stole 80 computers worth Dh280,0000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. 

On November 26 at around 8am, AK, 31, operations assistant at the company’s store, noticed that the glass of a window near the emergency door was broken. “I informed a security officer and the police. Together with the police, I checked the place and found that 80 computers were missing."

Police also found out that there were unsuccessful attempts to break the front door of the store. The surveillance cameras showed a person wearing a T-shirt and trousers holding a lamp in his hand. The features of the person were not clear as the cameras did not work well in darkness.

Police investigated the theft and arrested AT, 25 and RK, 32, on January 20 in Sharjah.

AT claimed that two months ago, RK, had asked him for a lift to Jeble Ali Port against Dh10,000. RK came along with two others.

“I rented a car and we drove to Jebel Ali where we observed the area near the store before the two men who accompanied us broke into it and returned after about two hours and loaded the computers into the car. I drove to Abu Hail area where RK told me that he will pay me Dh10,000 after selling and shipping the computers to Uzbekisan. RK did not pay me the amount,” AT told investigators.

The Court will give its verdict on April 27.

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