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Monday, November 29, 2010


Students' SBAs Affected By Stolen Computers

Published: Saturday | November 27, 20105 Comments and 0 Reactions
Gareth Davis, Gleaner Writer
SCORES OF students who attend Fair Prospect High School in Portland may have to redo their Schools-Based Assessment (SBA), after thieves broke into the institution earlier this week and stole computers with their work.
Joanetta Martin, acting principal, said three desktop computers were stolen from the library, along with a variety of food items and a cash register from the school's tuck shop.
Martin has appealed to the thieves to return the stolen items, especially the computers, which are needed by students, who are to sit theCaribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations. A percentage of the SBA goes towards the students' final examinations.
"We need back the stolen items," she said. "It is going to be a difficult period for students here as several work-related material and information are stored on the computers ...," said Martin.
Meanwhile, the police, who are investigating the robbery, said they would increase patrol in the east Portland areas where thieves have been wreaking havoc.
The police are also appealing to persons to properly secure their properties, and to report any presence of strange individuals in their communities.
Wednesday's robbery was the second to have taken place in east Portland this week. Thieves on Monday robbed a mini supermarket of a variety of goods and later crashed over a ravine. Goods valued at approximately $300,000 were stolen from the supermarket.

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