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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Anderson County 

Deputies say the Boys and Girls Club at 1209 Evergreen was broken into before it burned.
Now, deputies say, they're investigating a burglary and arson investigators are investigating the fire.
The Boys and Girls Club director says electronics and computer equipment was stolen which were going to be given as Christmas gifts to the children in the afterschool program.
More than 60 kids will have to relocate for an afterschool program in Anderson County after a fire damaged the Salvation Army facility early Monday morning.
Major Brian Tatterson, the commanding officer for the Anderson Salvation Army, says they program is relocating at their main office at 112 Tolly Street in Anderson at a former church recreation hall.
It’s not a long-term solution, Tatterson says, because it’s too small.
The Salvation Army is renovating classrooms in the old McCants school building and it’s expected the Boys and Girls Club will relocate there.
“I’m broken hearted for some kids. However, we’ll make provisions and the program will go on,“ Tatterson said. “Parent’s need to be working, parents and their children need to have the benefit of this program. So we’ll manage with our core facility and we’ll do the best we can.”
Investigators with the Homeland Park Fire Department are looking for the cause of the fire.
Crews quickly got the flames under control after it was reported at about 4:30 a.m. No one was hurt, but the damage is significant.
Tatterson said there is insurance on the building, but he doesn’t think it will cover all the damage.
Stephen Collopy lives next door and he said he was on his computer when he heard a noise outside. He looked out and saw smoke coming from the building. He and his roommate called 911. Stephen said he became concerned there might be someone inside because there was a van parked outside the building.
He said he went over and broke out the glass door to see if anyone was inside the building, but he could only see thick smoke and flames.
“At first I thought it was just steam, so when I turned the light off and I looked outside and I noticed the building was on fire and I called for my roommate and we called 911", Collopy said.
If anyone wants to help the Salvation Army rebuild the facility, call 225-7381.
If anyone has any information on the fire or the burglary, call CrimeStoppers at Crimestoppers at 231-STO

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