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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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Covington Church Victim of Theft

Updated: Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 6:39 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 5:57 PM EST
By: DEIDRA DUKES/myfoxatlanta
COVINGTON, Ga. - Thieves targeted a Covington church and forced the cancellation of the church's fundraiser. Burglars broke into the Hebron World Church on Turner Lake Circle on Monday. 

The thieves took the youth ministry's fundraising candy, along with thousands of dollars worth of computers, audio and video equipment.
The pastor said he has big plans for the children and teens attending church this summer. Money raised from the fundraiser was going to be used to help pay for summer camps and youth conferences. 

"They kicked in some of our administrative offices, as you can see they
stole a computer and monitor out of this office as well," said Pastor Charles Wallace, II.
Sometime early Monday, burglars broke into the Hebron World Church and kicked in the front door. The thieves made off with about $10,000 worth of computers monitors and musical equipment.
"They obviously came in the sanctuary and took our camera and the video we youth stream and also our monitor as part of our system," said Pastor Wallace.
The stolen equipment is a big loss for the 200 member congregation in Covington.
"This is the office where we had the Skittles stored," said Pastor Wallace.
Boxes of Skittles candy stored in the pastor's office for an upcoming fundraiser were also taken.
"M first impression was 'God you have a sense of humor.' It was like, 'OK thief, thanks for leaving me the boxes,'" said Pastor Wallace. 

The theft of the church's fundraising candy left the church's children the most disappointed.
"We've got a great deal on the candy, simply because another church had given us the candy, saying we're done with ours here you guys use it," said Pastor Wallace.
The congregation's children were selling the sweet treats to raise funds for summer camps and youth conferences. 

Insurance will replace the big ticket items, but as for the loss of the candy, it may have put the fundraising efforts on hold but the church is determined the kids will not miss out. 

"This has just ignited us more to serve this community," said Pastor Wallace.
Pastor Wallace said his congregation will find a way to make sure none of the children will miss out because they can't afford the trip, and is confident the church will find a way to make up the funds they lost from the theft.
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