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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Computer with details of hundreds of children stolen in youth club burglary

A COMPUTER containing the names, ages, addresses and medical conditions of hundreds of children has been stolen in a raid on a youth club.
Details of up to 700 youths are stored on the computer belonging to Sparks Project in Courtway Road, Orchard Park, north Hull.
Tony Fee, who launched the youth project in 2006, has stressed the computer is password-protected, but admitted he was deeply concerned by the theft.
He said: “All our records going back five years are on that computer, including the names, ages and addresses of children who have attended the Sparks Project.
“It was information we were required to keep so we could apply for funding.
“We also keep details of the children’s medical conditions for reference for use in an emergency.”
Burglars smashed the front door of the premises next to The Parks Primary School shortly after midnight last Saturday.
The break-in, which was captured on CCTV, was discovered the following morning by the caretaker.
Mr Kemp said: “The door was kicked in. I have not yet had the bill, but we are looking at about £150. We are having to pay that money ourselves.”
Staff are considering writing to parents to inform them of the loss of records.
Mr Kemp said: “Most people around here know about the break-in.
“The records go back five years – some of those people will be adults and so no longer attend.”
Other items stolen in the raid include two portable petrol generators, two computer monitors, six tool kits, a DVD player and a camcorder.
Mr Fee said: “The generators were used to power floodlights so we could hold evening football classes for youngsters at The Parks Primary. We are now having to hold the sessions at another venue.
“The toolkits contained pliers and other bits and bobs for jewellery-making classes.”
Mr Kemp said his staff, both paid and voluntary, have been left disappointed by the break-in at what is seen as a valuable resource for residents on the estate.
He said: “It’s very disappointing, especially if it turns out  a local person was responsible.
“They have taken something away from the children of this estate – possibly their own neighbours.
“There is no doubt Sparks has helped reduce antisocial behaviour on the Orchard Park estate.
A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "Some of the property has been recovered, but the computer and television are still missing.
“The stolen property will impact on the provisions and services available to young people in the  area.”
Anyone with information should call   0845 6060222.
* A 23-year-old man  has been arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods and   bailed until an undisclosed date, pending  inquiries.

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