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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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Los Angeles News

East L.A. school burglarized twice in 1 month

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Burglars broke into Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in East L.A. and took thousands of dollars' worth of equipment Sunday. It's not the first time the school has been targeted this year. 

Officials at Evergreen Elementary say more than half a dozen laptop computers and projectors were stolen from the school Sunday night. They say someone or several people broke into the school and stole the items from six classrooms. 

"Our school police has knowledge that it took place at about 8:30. It's under investigation so I can't provide specific details on how they entered but unfortunately they did enter these classrooms," said Evergreen Principal Raul Navar. 

"I feel bad because it's for the future of the kids. They need more supervision, or put some security to check out things that are lost," said parent Ana Hernandez. 

School officials say they cannot afford to install security cameras or to have a security guard monitor the campus when the school is closed. 

Officials are asking for the community to help keep an eye on the school, especially since the suspect or suspects who broke into classrooms are still out there. 

"I think we should do something about that to help the community, to take care of the school," said parent Lajaira Navarro. "If we see something wrong, we should just call. Because we need to have better stuff for our kids. If we don't do it, who's going to do it?" 

Even though we are only a couple of months into the year, school officials say this is the second time their school has been broken into. The first time was in late January. 

"It's very sad because considering the state of the budget right now, we've taken the time to make decisions that positively impact student achievement. Then we unfortunately made some expenditures from our own school budget to enhance the instructional program of our school," said Navar. 

Police have some leads, but anyone with information that could help should call Los Angeles Unified School District Police at (213) 625-6631.

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