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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


24 computers stolen from Little Rock high school

Reported by: Josh Rosenthal
Updated: 10/28 2:42 pmPublished: 10/28 2:39 pm
There's only one Apple computer left in Reva Blacknall's classroom at Hall High School in Little Rock. That's a big change for students.

"I had 24 Apple computers, two on each table," said Blacknall.

Police say thieves broke into the school through a window and didn't leave much behind. The computers are loaded with software, meaning Blacknall had to change her lesson plans.

"This one they needed Photoshop CS4," she said while discussing her curriculum, "and then the data files in the book."

Police don't have much to go on right now. They do have surveillance footage from the school. You can see a few shadowy figures walk by the doors of the school a couple of times in the footage, but that's about it.

"They were probably in and out very quickly," said Lt. Terry Hastings. "Probably five minutes or less."

That does tell police a little something about the heist.

"These individuals knew what they were looking for," said Hastings. "They knew where they were going. They went straight in and got the computers. They knew what they were doing. They were not amateurs. They were probably professional burglars."

That's bad news for Blacknall, who wants to turn her students into a different kind of professionals.

"They will see the software if they go to college, and they will see the software if they go into a job," she said.

They'll see it again in high school too -- if police can track the thieves down.

The Little Rock School District is offering a $1000 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of those stolen computers. If you know anything about it, you're asked to call the Little Rock Police Department.


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