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Friday, November 04, 2011


Computers stolen from school

Cottenham Village CollegeThieves have stolen 17 computers during a raid on a village school.
Police are appealing for information after Cottenham Village College was broken into between 10.30pm on Wednesday and 6am the following morning.
Anyone with information should call Parkside police station on 0345 456 4564 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


home security systems Atlanta said...

This is really least these burglars must leave the schools being their target. Schools can be safe haven for them who think don't have adequate safety. It's time for the schools to have security systems installed to avoid such intruders.

home security systems Baton Rouge said...

It's least burglars must not target schools which they find quite easy to target.

Sam said...

This must be a sad moment for Cottenham Village College. Schools and colleges are taken precautionary steps by installing Alarm System. But due to budget constraints some of them avoid doing this.

movers in Houston said...

This is something very extra ordinary. No place is left by burglars now. Have also read some news where burglars even tried to steal stuffs from hospitals. If such acts can be done how schools can be left alone by them.

Alabama For Sale By Owner said...

What happened at Cottenham Village College is very disturbing and shocking. At least burglars must spare educational institutions.

home security L.A. said...

How can these people ever think of doing this. Either they have different mind set or one who hate literacy.

nyc maids said...

This is something very additional normal. No position is remaining by thieves now. Have also study some information where thieves even tried to grab items from medical centers. If such functions can be done how educational institutions can be remaining alone by them.