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Friday, December 30, 2011


Burglars Steal Electronics from Edgetowne Square Office

Centria, a Moon-based firm that supplies metal building products, was targeted by thieves, police say.
Moon Police said thieves stole laptop computers and a 42-inch flat screen television in an apparent burglary at the Centria office building on Beaver Grade Road.
Police said burglars entered the building sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and removed electronics from the second and third floors of the building, located in the Edgetowne Square.
No other offices in the complex were targeted. Moon Police Chief Leo McCarthy said in a statement that the burglars did not appear to have forced their entry into the building. No building alarms were set off during the burglary.
Police said a total of four laptops, a computer monitor and a flat-screen television were taken from the office. Police did not provide a value for the items taken.
Centria specializes in providing metal commericial building products, including roofing and wall products.
Authorities continue to investigate the incident.

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