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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


47 laptop computers stolen from Solano College's nursing program

Times-Herald staff report/

FAIRFIELD -- Solano Community College is trying to find out who stole 47 laptop computers from the nursing department over the holiday break, Chief of Police Steven Dawson said.

"We've suffered a huge loss and it's devastating to the nursing program," Dawson said.

The computers were last seen just before the start of the holiday break on Dec. 23, he said.

When teachers and other staff returned Jan. 4, they found the computers missing.

The official police report on the theft was filed Monday and police have been checking pawn shops, Craigslist on the Internet and other spots in an effort to track them down, Dawson said.

The Dell laptop computers had been stored in large metal carts which had been locked up, he said.

Besides the computers, the carts were also missing, indicating that someone apparently rolled them out of the building and onto a truck, Dawson said.

Arranging for such a theft of the computers probably was the result of a coordinated effort among numerous people.

"They most likely had a large truck with a ramp or a lift. If it was planned well it could have taken place in five minutes," he said.

There were no signs of forced entry into building 800 which houses the nursing program, he said.

The computers are used by the students for exams, research and special programs.

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