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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Wolverhampton schools targeted in computer burglaries

Computers worth almost £40,000 have been stolen from five schools all within the same city in a recent spate of burglaries, police revealed today.
Thieves have broken into five Wolverhampton schools since October, making off with iPads and Mac computers.
Officers believe the incidents are linked and have launched an investigation.
In October, St Peters Collegiate School in Compton was burgled and 76 iPad minis were stolen, with an estimated combined value of more than £17,000.
And in November, St Edmund's Roman Catholic Secondary School, also in Compton, was targeted twice by thieves, who stole iPads and Mac computers worth nearly £10,000.
The most recent burglaries were at Wednesfield High School, which was targeted on November 24, before Berrybrook Primary School, in The Scotlands area, and Heath Park School, on Prestwood Road, had computers and tablets stolen from them on the same day, December 27.
West Midlands Police officers have been trawling CCTV footage in an effort to catch the perpetrators.
PC Ryan Hoban, from Wolverhampton police station, said: "We are appealing to anyone who may have been offered an iPad or Mac machine at knock down prices to call me as these may be stolen.
"All the serial numbers on all the machines that have been stolen have been recorded and we are working closely with second hand shops or dealers to make them aware of the thefts. If anyone tries to sell these on we will be able to trace them.
"The thieves have deprived hundreds of school children of the use of these valuable educational aids and the equipment is very expensive and difficult to replace. We would appeal to anyone who has any information that could lead us to the thieves to call us with information."
Officers are also continuing investigations into a burglary that took place in August last year, in which £75,000 worth of computers and iPads were stolen from North East Wolverhampton Academy.

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