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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Computer with Cecilia Cheung's confidential files stolen 
Posted: 23 November 2010 1803 hrs
 Cecilia Cheung
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Cecilia Cheung


HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung's personal computer, which contained some of her confidential files, was one of three computers stolen when thieves broke into her management company's Hong Kong office on Sunday, said Chinese media.

Her stolen computer also reportedly contained private photos of Cheung with her family and of her at work as well as copies of her movie contracts.

Cheung may have lost her computer, but her manager, known only as Ms Chow, said that the actress was not worried about the thieves selling information from the computer to the tabloids.

"Cecilia Cheung is not worried! Hopefully, the police will crack the case very soon!" Chow told reporters on Monday.

Chow said she only learned about the break-in after the police called her on Sunday as both she and Cheung had been shuttling back on forth between Hong Kong and China for her film projects.

Cheung had been very active after giving birth to her second son Quintus in May this year and is currently shooting two films back-to-back, "Fighter Yang's Heroines" in Inner Mongolia and "All's Well End's Well 2011" in Hong Kong.

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